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Speech Tutor Pro

In many ways, this new app for speech therapy is the culmination of almost a decade's worth of work creating speech therapy apps. The material within combines content from 4 of the best selling apps in the industry. The material within has been fine tuned and combined so that everything can be accessed easily without the need to use multiple apps for students with different needs. Although this will be the most comprehensive app in the industry, this is just the beginning of what will ultimately offer numerous games and activities. Owners of the app will find a speech therapy "portal" that gives access to new material on a weekly basis. The material can be easily saved, shared, and printed to send home for practice. See below for some of the many features found within this app. Speech Tutor Pro will be offered for a low monthly fee. To find out about it's release, sign up for our newsletter.

Articulation Decks

  • Nearly 5000 articulation cards
  • 33 phoneme decks (Levels: Word, Phrase, Sentence; Positions: Initial, Medial, Final)
  • 36 minimal pair decks 
  • Use minimal pair decks and phoneme decks at the same time
  • See multiple clients at a time
  • "Kid Friendly" mode and "Clean" mode for older clients
  • Detailed data tracking with line graphs, bar graphs, and word charts to send home for practice
  • Record videos and save them to client profiles to view progress
  • View articulation videos during sessions to help with placement
  • Add/Remove decks during a session

Decks included

sm, sn, st, sp, sk, sl, s, z, f, v, sh, th, ch, j, l, blends m, n, ing, p, b, t, d, k, g, r, er, or, ar, rl, ear, ire, Cluster Reduction (choose all, L, R, S), Deaffrication (Choose all, Ch, J), Deletion of Final Consonants (Choose all, ch/j, f/v/, k/g, p/b, s/z, t/d, m, n, ing, Final Devoicing, Fronting (choose all, sh, ch/j, velars), Gliding (choose all, L, R), Prevocalic Voicing, Stopping of Fricatives (choose all, ch/j, f/v, s/z, sh, th, Stridency Deletion

Articulation Screeners

Speech Tutor Pro comes with two different, easy-to-use screeners. A "SLP Friendly" screener and a "Parent Friendly"

SLP Friendly

  • Easily screening sounds at the beginning and end of words.
  • SLPs can also tap a button that conveniently lists phonological processes heard during the screening.
  • Write notes during the screening

Parent Friendly

  • Screen for the major sounds targeted by speech-language pathologists
  • Write notes during the screening
  • Questions guide parents for identifying phonological processes

Articulation Videos

These articulation videos are from our best selling app, Speech Tutor. These videos were the first of their kind in the industry, allowing people to see realistic videos of how to form and place the tongue when making sounds of the English language.


  • Front and side views
  • Slow, medium, fast speeds, and pause
  • Palate views
  • Information on the ages sounds should be acquired
  • Tips on how to elicit the sounds
  • Camera view so clients can watch as they produce sounds
  • Record/playback video and save to client profiles
  • 52 videos in all


R (bunched), R (retroflex), L, sh, ch, j, s, z, f, v, th (voiced), th (voiceless), p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, ing, i , æ, a, u