Consultation & Lifetime App Access

We live in a society full of bureaucracy and wait time when it comes to health care. We here at Speech Tutor want to help families get back to basics and start making a difference from within your family. While speech therapy from a licensed therapist on a regular basis is ideal, that is not always possible. Using our online and mobile technology, we will listen to your child’s speech and give you a clear assessment of your child’s specific speech errors. Then we will give you lifetime access to Speech Tutor Pro and tell you exactly how to proceed using the app and how to adapt your daily life so that you can start making a difference right away. We can communicate with you over email, text, phone or video call. You will be ready to start making a difference in under 24 hours! Our app is normally $40 so for just $10 extra, you get direct advice from an experienced, licensed speech-language pathologist. Click the image below to get started.

Corey Walker